Internet Surveys

The latest and greatest of cutting-edge technology

ReRez assures the respondent’s experience is easy and friendly. The site is visually appealing and the respondents enjoy participating in your Internet Survey. We guide respondents directly to a web site where they participate in the Internet survey. Clients can view the results in real time. We handle all of the aspects of the project so that you don’t have to.

See Online Research Panel for additional information.

This includes recruiting, project design, programming, data collection, analysis and delivery of results. So, use ReRez for some or all of the process. It's up to you!

Internet Survey programming allows for simple surveys or complex. Our surveys can meet all of your needs:

  • Skip Pattern
  • Rotation of questions
  • Complex Logic
  • Multiple choice, Drop Down Boxes, listing questions and calculations
  • Graphics and Video
  • Password protection
Advantages of Using Internet Surveys
  • Speed in achieving completed surveys 
  • Cost Effective (less expensive than telephone surveys) 
  • Immediate response 
  • No Interviewer bias 
  • Real-time Reporting Capability
We'll invite respondents:
  • From our well managed and well profiled panel
  • Your client’s database
  • By mail
  • Or by an invitation distributed at the clientstore or location

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