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Designing qualitative & quantitative strategies to move ahead of your competitors.

Competitive challenges these days abound in the lifescience industry. ReRez can help design qualitative and quantitative strategies to move your company and clients ahead of your competitors.

Let Us Be Your Partner in Lifescience Research

  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical Devices
  • Clinical Medical Research

Our research can help in the data gathering and decision process strategies designed by your company or we can assist you in protocol creation which details a research plan based upon your budget, goals, and timeframe.

Utilizing the list of methodologies provided in Products & Services, ReRez along with Dr. David Gershon, can assist you in the following:

  • Product Competitive Analysis 
    • Competitor Product Evaluation
    • Market Share Assesment/Market Dominance
    • New Product Analysis as Future Competitors
  • Product Development 
    • Branding, Packaging, Marketing, and Positioning
  • Product Purchasing Drivers and Profiling
    • Patients and Physicians
    • Hospital Administrators, Home Care and Nursing Homes
    • Drug Wholesalers
  • Legislative, Judicial, and Administrative Regulatory and Reimbursement Environment
    • New Pricing and Purchasing
    • Regulations Effecting Your Product 
    • Development of Pricing Strategies and Synergistic Alliances To Overcome New Regulations
    • Global Pressures on Your Product 
    • New Pricing and Purchasing Regulations and Rules 
  • Product Market Expansion
    • Market Size Evaluation and Niche Opportunities 
    • Product Loyalty and Satisfaction Analysis 
  • Product Valuation Analysis 
    • Product Valuation Assessment (from Wall Street's perspective, purchasers perspectives, and industry perspective) 
  • Clinical Trial
    • Study Design
    • Patient Recruitment, Maintenance and Retention

           This letter is a praiseful reference for ReRez. I have personally worked with ReRez over the past two years and have never looked elsewhere, just forward – to continuing our partnership. The overall experience / results of working with ReRez are why:

1) I give them kudos,
2) we are partners.

My initial experience working with ReRez was very positive in a very negative situation. A case team was working on a business survey and could not find qualified C-level decision-maker respondents – the Client had promised a sample list but could not deliver. I tried every company that I had worked with in the past to no avail - nobody had business sample. Randomly, during a telephone call with a fellow MRA (Marketing Research Association) member, my dilemma came up in the conversation and he told that ReRez would be able to help me. Not only was ReRez able to help, within three days we completed the study and without incurring rush fees or miscellaneous charges.

Our partnership was on a roll.

ReRez is the only company that I am aware of that can do what they call, “a toe in the water.” If I give them a screener, they are able to prescreen the panels they manage and tell me a projected incidence for the study – enabling me to accurately project costs and timing. Another great thing about working with a panel manager is that they do all the work for you: finding the necessary sample, appending the files and de-duping the emails. This is spoken from the voice of experience. Before working with ReRez, I would work with several email / panel rental companies and I would have to manage all of the logistics and tracking – definitely not a good use of my time. ReRez panel management capabilities are not limited to North America.

We have worked with them on international studies, too.

The day-to-day is very quick and the entire process is somewhat seamless. On two occasions, they have directly worked on international studies with Monitor's Seoul office - without my assistance. And, on another two occasions, have worked with Monitor's London office for multi-country European studies.

Sharon E. Walcott
Market Research Manager

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